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Welcome to my ALL NEW reading resources website. You will find free & printable word games, phonics games, reading games, comprehension strategies and phonics posters. Look around & print out whatever educational resources you need. People are using these games for individual phonics instruction, learning center activities, homework and special needs education. Enjoy.

reading games reading games
educational resources
Reading Games
Word Games
Reading Games based on: the Bossy E Rule, oy, oi, ee, ea, ai, oa, cvcs, cl, dr, fl, gr, pl, sl, sp, spr & st.
Word Games for: sight words, er, ir, ur, long & short oo, individualised Snakes & Ladders plus auditory discrimination.
Best Children's Books
Best Children's Books to foster a love of reading.

reading comprehension
Improve Comprehension Skills - strategies to help develop an understanding of what is read.


Phonics Resources
More Reading Resources - Reading Games Room 4 contains 14 more educational resources on: syllabification, prefixes, oa, ow, ie & igh,
soft g & c.
Phonics Posters
Phonics Posters to brighten
up your Word Wall
-all, au, ar, aw, ch, ck, ea, ear, th, ight, er, ir, sh, ur, ou, oo, or, oa, oi, wh, ow & th.

Word Games
Word Games that focus on: ai, ay, ee, ea, pl, br, gr, st, fr, sl, scr, str, fl, dr, bl, cr, tion, contractions and capital letter recognition.

reading games

Reading Games
Room 6 has 8 Reading Games & Educational Resources from a friend of mine in Ireland. CVCs, vowel digraphs, syllabification games, word puzzles.

Library Resources
Resource for Your Library -
Your Librarian will love you :)

Reading Games
Sight Word Games
Reading Games Room 5
contains 6 word games for beginning readers.

spelling strategies
My Favourite
Spelling Strategy

word puzzles

Word Puzzle Software
to Download & Play



Motivational Quotes about reading for your walls.


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Reading Games Reading Games

reading games reading games
educational resources


reading games reading games